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E ka so bo, E mi ku tudu(= its not only you, its me as well), 2022

My earlier work "Amilcar" from 2010, where I took on the persona of national Cape Verdean hero Amilcar Cabral, is the inspiration for an installation that further explores the personal connection to Amilcar Cabral. I do this by using stories told about my two grandfathers and the roles they had during the time of colonialism in Cape Verde by Portugal. These two figures, each as the head of their own families, had made personal choices regarding their families that were then seen as a political statement by their community and also by the colonists. 
One grandfather, called January, held to his principles and his belief in justice. The other, Rapasinho, was seen as a traitor to his own people, this story was told to me by January's family.

Both had their own form of survival, choices made whose consequences can still be felt in generations to come. How these two "iconic figures" from my family then manifest in me is what I wanted to explore further in this work.

Shown at: Non-Profit at All Cost, Nest Den Haag, 2022

Photography: 1st 2 photo's by: Charlott Markus


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