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Online studio building: de Kunstambassade Rotterdam

4 may, 2021

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 14.10.22.png

My studio is now part of the artist initiative known as " De  Kunstambassade Rotterdam".


"Kunstambassade Rotterdam is an online studio building where visual artists and art lovers find each other without barriers. A building without barriers, revealing kinships like corridors between studios. It invites art lovers to wander intuitively, discover new work and travel along with ambassadors' virtual studio routes past artists of their choice. It is built on solidarity of artists with each other and of art lovers with the arts and creators."

    - de Kunstambassade Rotterdam

Hard//hoofd paper magazine: voor verbeelding en verhalen

28 april, 2021


"E so mi, 2018 is exhibited in the very first paper magazine of Hard//hoofd: voor verbeelding en verhalen.

Published in april 2021.

CBK Rotterdam Podcast: De Gedroomde Stad

21 october, 2021

An invite from CBK Rotterdam to be part of their very first Podcast: De gedroomde Stad (= The Dreamed City).

In conversation with Jeanine van Berkel, I spoke about my work and  about one of my favourite work of art

in the city of Rotterdam. 

Available on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

Made possible by  CBK Rotterdam.

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